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phoenix-ace asked:

I'm getting tired of how smug white people are acting over the whole Affirmative Action thing. They seriously are acting like its some "victory" over PoC stealing their "well deserved" opportunities, like they weren't mediocre as hell. They act like they're just enforcing "equality" (like they don't make up the majority of students in nearly every school in the country). I wanna know who they're gonna blame now when their lack of extracurricular, and average grades don't secure them a spot.

whitepeoplesaidwhat answered:

👌you said it all

Anonymous asked:

People magazine put Lupita whatshername on the cover as the most beautiful woman. Politically correct just like the Oscar she received?

eternal-porcelain-empress answered:

A magazine can put whoever they wish on the cover. Calling anybody the most beautiful woman is risky and very naive. She is very beautiful for  a black woman but I doubt she is the most beautiful black woman out there.

It has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s just a magazine being silly. Not an award.

I dislike her beyond words but not everything she does is bad. As of late she is just a mindless, characterless puppet to the media.




"Beautiful for a black woman"….says the girl who looks like last weeks lasagna.


I wish I had time to unpackage all that that is involved with “For A Black Woman”, but I’m gonna walk that one off. I just hope that OP gets her life together. Tearing down Lupita… did that do anything for you? Lupita’s representation in a magazine… does that oppress you? SOMEONE THINKING SHE’S BEAUTIFUL… how does that impact your day? White people still “set the standard” of beauty in these parts. Calling this magazine’s decision “silly” and “nothing but political correctness” is MUCH MORE DAMAGING than I think you could wrap your mind around. But like I said, I’m gonna walk this one off.. because folks on Tumblr are going to drag you around enough. I’m not going to call you ugly. I’m not going to make fun of you. I am going hope you see the light that, just because your bigoted mind can’t see beauty where beauty is ABUNDANTLY prevelant, you don’t write off your impending dragging as “SJWs on the Attack”.

Oh… and mindless? She’s a MFA graduate from Yale. Get your shit together.


Great News. It is wonderful to see deaf people of color being successful.