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When Lugo’s son Edwin Avellanet, 26, went outside to dispose of a bag of garbage, he was approached by police investigating a parking cone.  Someone had placed a cone on the street to reserve a parking spot without city permission.  Avellanet was stopped and questioned about the suspicious cone, but insisted that he had done nothing wrong.

Not accepting his denial, police demanded identification.  Avellanet had nothing to show them.  When he was grabbed by the arm by one of the uniformed bullies, he broke free and retreated into the house.

Avellanet went into the residence and closed the door.  The NYPD did not take kindly to this, beating on the door, breaking through the windows, and forcing their way into the home.  Backup officers poured into the house.

Looking for Avellanet — the suspected cone placer — police went around breaking doors in half, attacking family members with pepper spray, and bludgeoning people with clubs.

“They threw me like a piece of garbage on the floor,” Evelyn Lugo said.

Her son, George Lugo, and family friend Luis Ortega were attacked repeatedly with a baton and suffered severe facial injuries.

Evelyn Lugo’s daughter, Alba Cuevas, was attacked with chemical pepper spray and retreated into a bathroom when she started suffering from an asthma attack.  Police ripped her out and arrested her.

As officers stormed the house, they knocked a birdcage off of a dresser.  The small green parakeet, Tito, was flung helplessly from the cage, landing on the floor.  NY Daily News reported what happened next:

“I screamed, ‘The bird!’ ” Lugo’s daughter Anna Febles told the Daily News, “and he said, ‘F— the bird,’ and he, like, stepped on it.” “I was shocked,” Febles, 30, said. “It was a blue and green bird. It was really pretty.”

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